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Figurative contemporary painter

The Maison Zancano creates works on commission with or without the application of gems





  • Faceting or lapping;
  • Repairs on precious or semi-precious stones (except diamonds);
  • Re-proportioning and shape-adjusting;
  • Setting on existing metal mounts;
  • Antique or modern cuts also from raw minerals;
  • Cabochon cuts or fancy cuts;
  • Piercing;

“Let your adventurous spirit always take you forward, to discover the world that surrounds you with its quirks and its wonders. Discover it, it will mean for you to love it” (Khalil Gibran).

“I want to know and walk the road that leads to not losing the warmth of it and the light of the Earth, which leads to keeping a fresh, participating interest in every single concrete aspect of the earthly world, to remain attached with love to everything that is earthly and but also to be able to ascend to that height of thought, where in pure concepts we see the Divine” (Rudolf Steiner).

Approaching R Z’s personal creative world you come to share the artistic – alchemistic attitude which permeate and gives form to his creations. To realize objects of art means to him to set in motion his conceptual and projective skills to create from harmony something meaningful, not only technically elaborate but also corresponding to his deep mental discipline. His meticulous research outlines a symbolic and existential introspective analysis leading to a constant evolution of his artistic personality.

The synergic communion of precious elements of valuable origin, the stones inserted in his works, together with his passionate commitment as a gem-cutter give origin to unique creations which show the artist’s solid competence as a refined artisan. Precious fragments set in a narrative scenery ! The ability in using instrumental techniques acquired through his experience in drawing and painting, reinforced by his acute sensibility, orientating the choice of the most appropriate subjects, allows him to give full expression to his emotions and energetic charge.
To enter R Z’s artistic world gives you a stimulating opportunity to awake your senses and wade into a timeless, spaceless atmosphere, a soothing dimensions of pleasant, mental and spiritual fulfillment, an unlimited freedom of thought and pure and spontaneous communication.

Commentary by Dott.ssa Elena Golini Translation by Prof.ssa Daniela Mezzetti